Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Black Metal Krieg – Gig Review

Black Metal Krieg - India's first ever metal gig dedicated to my favourite sub genre in Metal - Black fucking Metal. I had first heard about something like this shaping up some 2 months ago when 1833 AD were on their India Tour. One of the 1833 AD guys had mentioned something about performing in Mumbai and/or Pune and making it a gig exclusive to Black Metal bands. This later took shape in the form of Black Metal Krieg at B69 in Andheri, Mumbai - where 4 black and crushing bands brought darkness blacker than hell to the city of Mumbai.

Travelling from Pune, my two friends and I were eagerly awaiting this gig like a trio of kids would wait to raid a candy shop. The 180km long journey was sweetened by the fact that we had a 20 min discussion with the band members of Dhishti - a Sri Lankan Depressive Black metal band. Being crazy admirers of the genre, we immediately got into a lengthy chat about the legends of DSBM such as Austere, Nocturnal Depression, Thy Light, Gris and others. Jayakody (vocalist) told us to be prepared for a surprise Atmospheric BM track that they would be covering. I had my guesses but what we got was something I never dreamt of. The aftermath of that performance still haunts me.

The gig went underway after 8pm and first to perform on stage were Spiked Crib from Mumbai who label themselves as Symphonic Black Metal. To be honest, I'm not a fan of this sub genre as most bands tend to forget their Black metal roots upon achieving some sort of stardom (*cough* Dimmu Borgir *cough*) What followed took my completely by surprise. They were more atmospheric than symphonic and that's something I totally dig. Special props to the vocalist, Gareth here. This guy has insane vocal chords and can belt out both DM growls as well as BM shrieks with relative ease. The keyboard player was good too. They played a good set and had to finish things off with Graveworm's cover of the Maiden classic - Fear of the Dark. I wish they hadn't, but I guess they had to do it to appease the crowd.

Dhishti was up next and I was surprised by this. I would have wished either Dhishti or 1833 AD to headline the event as these are really mature bands who can absolutely slay when given the main spot. Anyway, I had listened to the two Dhishti tracks on their myspace page at least 4-5 times before I came for the gig and thus I knew what to expect from them. However, the moment Jayakody uttered the first few shrieks, I felt goosebumps the size of little beetles crawling up my skin. I couldn't click a single pic for at least 5 minutes as it took me that long to recover from what I had just witnessed. Their originals are at par with most of the DSBM that I listen to and they're the best band I've seen live. At the beginning of their set, most of the crowd was either making fun of their corpse paint or of DSBM as a whole. I wish I could use Jayakody's spikes to pierce their sorry dicks, but as they were halfway into their first track, those asswipes realised (or didn't) what hit them like a freight train. Next, it was time for their cover and I missed a heartbeat when I heard the word 'Dunkelheit'. I don't think I've ever been happier in my life and it was weird because an hour later, this feeling was bettered. More on that later. Kunal Gonsalves from Stark Denial joined in for dual vocals on Dunkelheit and I really do not remember anything after that other than being in a state of trance and not remembering where I was. The last track was almost brutal black metal in the vein of Marduk and my neck's still complaining from the ordeal. I wish their set would never end, but I'm so damn glad that I was a part of this great experience.

1833 AD from Delhi were next to follow and I had been dying to watch them ever since I found out about them 6-7 months ago. Their Facebook page had mentioned that they would be covering a few Black metal classics but nobody expected 4 covers and a 75 minute setlist! Nishant Abraham (vocalist) is a very good Black metal vocalist and even though he admits to not being much of a talker, his vocals kill you with in an eerie manner. His vocals are very Abbath-like and Shashank Sagar on drums is an Indian Hellhammer (although he looks like Mikael Akerfeldt) I have been digging their originals such as Inheritance Evil and Who Killed The Emperor on their Myspace page and found it even better hearing them live. After playing Immortal, Dark Funeral and Ancient covers, I thought they were done. But surprise o surprise! Nishant asked us to yell Mayhem as loud as we could. I couldn't yell. I was dumbstruck. My heart was screaming out 'Freezing Moon' but my mouth couldn't catch up. Nishant did that for me and when said those words, I threw away my camera and equipment in my friend's hands and went on to become one with the music. Freezing Moon is my favourite track across all genres and I never thought I would ever get to witness it live. My lungs and my throat were strangers to me and singing along to Freezing Moon was THE best experience of my life. They didn't miss one note and even if they did, I could care less. 1833 AD is by far the best Black Metal band in India (of the handful that we have) and other bands should look up to them for inspiration and creativity. They closed their set with Who Killed The Emperor and it is my favourite Indian BM track. I can't wait for their debut album to be out. Nishant, Sushmit, Rahul, and Shashank - if you're reading this, we need an album like right now!

Stark Denial, the local boys, were the last band to perform and to be honest I had no mental or physical energy left to fathom what was going on. Kunal is a good vocalist and the band is pretty tight but I would like them to step up their game a bit. Having said that, their originals are pretty good and if they didn't have such tough acts to follow, they would have sounded killer. They covered Immortal's Damned in Black and also followed it up with a BM version of Slayer's Raining Blood with Jimmy from Zygnema brining his growls to make it a Blackened Death metal version of the Slayer classic. Also joining them was Shehzad from Sceptre. As with Fear of the dark, I understand that this was done to please the people who aren't really accustomed to listening actual Black metal tracks and I was okay with it.

The gig ended at 12.15 am and we reached Pune at 4 am. Spent more than a grand, yet came out much richer with experience. I don't know if my words and photographs could do justice to how awesome this gig was, but I tried. And 3 days down the line, try is all a person who is still experiencing the aftermath of the gig, can do.

Writer & Photography : Xavier D'souza

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wacken India

"12th December 2010 - The date for the finals of the Indian edition of Wacken Open Air at Kyra theatre, Bangalore. 8 finalists from 4 zones were supposed to be performing at this metal fest, only 4 turned up. Disappointment, one would think? Not really, as the 4 bands which did perform brought the house down with their tight and explosive performances. And who better to judge the bands than Bangalore's very own metal legends - Kryptos. And to make things even sweeter, Kryptos was headlining the event. They were probably the only 'big' Indian band that I hadn't watched live, prior to this event.

Abandoned Agony  from Bangalore started off things with their unique brand of Brutal death metal mixed with spell-binding virtuosity. I would go as far as calling them the Indian version of Suffocation. Yes, that's how good AA are. In my opinion, they should have easily won the competition as the winner gets to play at the mighty Wacken Open Air (The Mecca of Heavy metal) in Germany next year and there was no better band amongst the final four than Abandoned Agony who could represent Indian and be brutally devastating at the same time.

Eccentric Pendulum (Bangalore) were next and they had a tough act to follow since AA had decimated everything in sight. They started off a little shaky but got better as their setlist progressed. Mid way through their set the skin of the bass drum developed a tear and there was a long and annoying wait of over 45 min before it could be replaced. I took this opportunity to check out Kyra and was really impressed by the venue. If only there could be more Kyras in places like Bombay and Pune, we photographers would die a content death. Awesome stage lighting, great smoke machines, large stage (by underground metal standards) and ample space for a pretty wild moshpit (more on this, later), Kyra has it all. And what's more is that since it's a theatre which is used for other art forms like dramas and stuff, it also has a balcony! Now how many metal venues can boast of that? Coming back to EP's performance, their style is pretty avant-garde and I wish they take it to the next level by adding some unconventional instruments and/or adding a female vocalist. They were my least favourite band of the evening and (un)susprisingly enough, they were the ones to walk out with the prize.

Goddess Gagged from Mumbai followed Eccentric Pendulum and they came in like a breath of fresh air. Their first track oozed of atmosphere and had a complete Post-rock feel to it. It didn't feel like a metal gig anymore and the great stage lighting of Kyra just added to the atmosphere. These guys classify themselves as Progressive Rock and Alternative Rock and I'd like to add experimental, post and psychedelic subgenres to their resume. A special mention of Arman Menzies is warranted here as this dude in the dread locks mesmerised the crowd with his exceptional guitar skills and his backing vocals. If this were a Rock show, Goddess Gagged would have easily won it, but it was Metal competition and GG don't play metal and it was no surprise that they didn't win. Anyway, keep a look out for this band. They're surely going to make it big.

The last band of the competition, Silver Tears from Guwahati crowded the stage with 6 members and introduced themselves as a Progressive Metal band. I'm not exaggerating when I say that they were the tightest band of the evening and were scintillating with their virtuosity and mesmerising songwriting skills. Lead guitarist Ishaan Laskar is probably one of the most exciting talents to come out of the country in recent times and the vocalist Girish gives has a sublime Russell Allen touch to his vocals. They're more Symphony X than Dream Theater in their music and are a real treat to watch irrespective of the kind of metal you listen to. Their set was full of mind numbing solos and progressive interludes, a must for every Proghead.



Now that all four bands were done, the legends of the Indian metal, Kryptos came on stage. What I like about these thoroughly professional bands is that they might not be the most skillful musicians, but what they bring to the table is a rubber sealed performance which young bands simply cannot match. Nolan pours his heart out each time he performs and Ryan is a veteran warhorse on the drums. They're so much in sync with each other that it's hard to find any flaws in the music they create. It was a complete treat for NWOBHM fans and Kryptos deserve all the credit they get.



So yeah, end of the gig and EP were declared winners. One word about the crowd - 'Pathetic'. I haven't seen a more disinterested and boring crowd elsewhere. A kindergarten mosh was created when the 2nd band started playing and I was clicking photographs standing in the centre of the moshpit! Not only that, there were like a handful of people headbanging and the rest were behaving like they had come for a Classical music concert. No enthusiasm at all. Things only got good once Kryptos started playing and this led me to believe that the Bangalore metal crowd only supports bands they know and want to. So much for clichéd and over used 'Headbangalore' title.
All in all, a good gig, great venue, bad crowd and good experience. Had a good time writing this article and reminiscing the performances. Cheers!

Writer & Photography : Xavier D'souza

Monday, December 6, 2010

Tree of Porcupines!

This is a hate song just meant for you
I thought that I'd write it down while I still could
I hope when you hear this you'll want to sue

The above three lines has been ringing in my ear constantly. If you ask, what is the most appealing element about this specific song is that from 0.01 to 9.15, the entire song, just cant stop listening to it.. This blog post is dedicated to porcupine tree’s best song ever.

Porcupine Tree – Hate song

The next song I want to talk about is one that belongs to progressive genre and I feel there is a hint of psychedelic rock in it as well. It is a song which takes you along with it – one of the beautifully crafted and wonderfully molded song that I have ever heard.

Porcupine Tree - Russia on Ice

Talking about a few more songs – Lazarus, Even Less and the Dead Can Dance; these songs are one of the bests Porcupine tree has composed or rather tuned.

Porcupine Tree – Lazarus

Each tune, each pluck of the guitar is something which you will love to hear again and again. I haven’t heard anything like this before which is immaculate.

Porcupine Tree – Even Less

The above song, the first string which is plucked sticks to you as a leach, sucks the blood out of veins and purifies it with the progressive metal which is being played. You can hear them repeatedly as if there is no end to it.

Porcupine Tree – Dead can dance

All said and done Porcupine Tree has turn out to be favorite band for millions of fans across the globe and there is no reason why they aren’t famous, they have done world tours like every other band, but I feel there is something special since I feel there is something trippy about their music.

Long Live Porcupine Tree

Love Live Metal

Rock Forever \m/

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Alternative Rock Bands

Legendary Rock Bands? And you hear Metallica, Pink Floyd, Tantric, Disturbed, all ringing in your head. And that’s the same with music maniacs and pseudo music lovers.

Every time these people play, it’s a sensation. The upcoming newer bands would find it real hard to give a fight or even try playing the music of their standards. So that’s when they create a channel for themselves, where they will not be compared to the legends and this category is what has been known to most of us as ‘Alternative Rock’.

This began in the early 90s. Red Hot Chilli Peppers, 3 doors down, The Killers, Pearl Jam, Three Days Grace, are a few bands that have gained popularity under this channel. That’s not all. There are sub categories as well, again another channel to push their popularity.

Here’s miniscule information about the categories.

Grunge Rock: Grunge – used as slang means dirty or filthy. Inspired from hardcore punk, heavy metal and indie rock; grunge is generally characterized by heavily distorted electric guitars with apathetic or angst-filled lyrics.
Hammerbox, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Peal Jam and many more belong here

Hammerbox – Trip

Britpop: These emerged from the British independent music scene in the early 90s and were influenced by British guitar pop music of the 60s and 70s.During this time in US Grunge was formed, new British bands like Suede and Blur launched the movement by positioning themselves as opposition musical forces. Soon many joined this form and were writing about concerns of the Brit.

Bands like Oasis, Radiohead, The Verve, Coldplay and many more followed the suit and Radiohead especially showed considerably more esoteric influences from the 60s and 70s.

Radiohead – Creep

Gothic Rock: The most notable Gothic rock bands include Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure, etc. Gothic combines dark, often keyboard-heavy music with introspective and depressing lyrics. Gothic is kind of Death rock coupled with spooky atmosphere. There normally play sad and hatred related music.

Bauhaus - Ziggy Stardust

Indie pop: These originated from United Kingdom in the mid 80s and have roots from Scottish post-punk bands. Gorillaz was the one of the bands from a list of 100s who play Indie pop.

Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc.

I do listen to few of these bands and quite like them as these have a good amount of feel and music is good enough. Now this is a personal choice – so you can disagree!

3 Doors Down - Here Without You

Three Days Grace – Riot

Alternative Rock music has been part of my life since I started listening to them from the start and got introduced to rock and time went by got introduced hard rock and then metal. I am sure I will move on, but will always remember my start that began with Alternative Rock!

Love live Rock! Rock Forever!!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Make up your mind…

Have you ever wondered why is it that a particular song comes to your mind and you feel like hearing it again and again and again? There might be two probabilities in most cases: the music or the compelling lyrics. But there are songs which do not fall in either of the two categories but instead have an added quality to it, the vocals.

One such band which I can recall when it is this third probability is Coheed and Cambria. Their way of singing has been my weakness and some of their songs stick on to me like glue.

Not many have heard about these guys and not many people follow them. Their lyrics aren’t strong and their music is almost mediocre. To be frank, the band is very vulnerable when it comes to lyrics. These guys have released four albums with a not very exceptional sale record. But they do have a few brilliant compositions.

Formed in 2001 in New York, the band is known for their progressive rock, punk rock, heavy metal and post-hardcore (Hardcore punk rock).

What I am talking about is their song “Welcome Home.” The song starts with plucking of the guitars providing an intensity which strikes the brain and flows down to the foot, till the entire body sways with the music. This is no trance I am talking about. There is some kind of energy which flows within when you hear. May be you too will also experience the same while you listen.

Welcome Home

Now this song is very well written, especially the lines which go

One last kiss for you
One more wish to you
Please make up your mind girl
Before I hope you die.

I particularly like that line, who would have thought about “please make up your mind girl, before I hope you die”, after that the guitar goes on till the end, giving a really nice ending to the song. They should have done this often, and as per Myspace and Facebook their new album has been pretty well written and composed. I hope to see the bright side of this band. I am waiting…

Rock Forever

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Volume and The Beat

Lead, Bass and Drums: When they strike together, a high intensity crazy feeling flows up your veins and your brain's hypnotized. No worries, no thoughts; just a feeling of euphoria and images of strumming guitars and drum strokes. This is me, when I dissolve in a world of music – a world of metal.

When I talk about a few bands here— it means, there are bands that are not ordinary or extraordinary – they are something more than any adjectives could describe. Be it, Sabaton from Sweden for being a pure metal band or Poets of the fall for their alternative rock. Metallica, Elvis Presley and the Rock n Roll legends have inspired many bands. One among them is –Volbeat.

A Danish band from Copenhagen, formed in 2001 and they play Heavy Metal, Alternative Metal & Groove Metal. (PS: Vol for Volume and Beat for Beat.)

In 2005, they were a sensation with their first album The Strength/The Sound/The Songs. They also received Best Album in the Danish Metal Musik Awards the same year. Outstanding reviews spread the word further and that helped them come out with their second album in 2007— the Rebel/Metal the Devil. This was followed by Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood in 2008. This year they are working on a new album called Beyond Hell/Above Heaven.

Not many people would know about Volbeat. But those who do, will agree that the music has the punch to get you head banging and at the same time they can be the ones that leaves you foot tapping. And Michael Poulsen’s voice and experience in Death Metal, is what adds that extra punch.

I Only Wanna Be With You

Looking at the their success in 2005, they released albums in 2007 - Rock the Rebel/Metal the Devil, 2008 - Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood and 2010 they are working on a new album called Beyond Hell/Above Heaven.

Volbeat - Boa (jdm)

Waiting for the 2010 album, I am sure it would be another spectacular one.

Rock Forever \m/

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Sound checks and tuning in progress, marked the beginning. But my heart with every beat was impatient to get it started. Landing early at Kyra, I was able to catch a glimpse of the pre-event preparation, also giving me a chance to wish the bands good luck. Three Indian bands were supposed to shower metal rain that day after which the real tornado of metal was expected to happen.

Theorized – a Bangalore based metal band kick started the show. Little sluggish in the beginning, but as they played they gained momentum, so did we. Pits were formed and metal head were already drowning in the music. Then came ‘Albatross’. They were head-on. Head banging was reaching its zenith, I thought. They fired the stage with their energy and the singer was just super. O my, what an impression these guys made. These guys recently released their album, ‘Dinner Is You.’

 With time falling short, pace picked up and ‘Devoid’ was on stage in no time. With a screech, Arun Iyer made the crowd grow berserk, added to the drums and guitars doing their bit. The whole atmosphere was now like a metal thunderstorm. Devoid, has come a long way from where they started, bettering with each performance. Their favourite numbers are kick-ass and they make it a point to play them in most of their performance, giving another greater jolt to the already electrifying atmosphere.

Finally, yes finally, it was time for the show stopper, rather intensifier. The Dubai based ‘Nervecell’ were performing for the first time in India. The music was maddening to all metal lovers. Their stage performance – unavoidable to ignore. With their best track ‘Human Chaos’, no one could resist from head banging and being drowned in the metal tornado. Just like Life and Death, which cannot be described, I really can’t say how it feels to be right there.

Human Chaos – Nervecell

This metal tour of Nervecell will be a success and one of the turning paths of their career. Soon they will be the masters of a huge army of fans.

A toast to “Nervecell’ and the other bands played. That was a hell of a metal concert.

Long live “metal heads”


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

‘Kick-Ass’ Stuff

When the drums beat, when the strings meet to form the chords, there is a powerful ecstatic music, then all you need is just “HEADBANG” and scream “O hell yeah.” This is what happens to me when a band strikes back with a new album, so powerful that you want to listen to it again and again. I haven’t listened to the entire album, but just the two songs and I tell you something, it feels better than before.

Disturbed – Asylum

This has been a long wait for people like me who just love being ‘Disturbed’. A first glance at this song, you tend to think about the word ‘asylum‘and how you relate to the song, what revolves around it, but for me it has a different meaning all together. It asks us to give us freedom from this asylum world.

Disturbed - "Another Way To Die

This song is about how we are screwing up our own future, our own planet. And if we don’t foresee this doomed future, humanity will suffer. And because of our negligence we will be the means to the end. Clearly, sends out the message ‘Be ready for the worse to come.’

These two songs are just one of it’s kind and I am sure Disturbed has more to offer. Waiting to get the entire album and just close my eyes and go \m/ headbang.

Long live rock, long live Disturbed.
Rock forever \m/

Monday, August 30, 2010

Nada Nada Nada

If there is one place, where ‘beauty’ does not just apply to people, but also to - the nature, the air, the water and everything about the place. It is none other than, what is better known as ‘God’s Own Country. Yes, a place known for its spirituality, rhythmic music of the ‘panchavadyam’, classical and mystic places, and the description goes on. But what if I say, Kerala and then next word I say, “Rock.” Would you find a discord? Probably most would.
But indeed seven years ago, a band created sensation in the country. They were hailed as the ‘Best Rock Band’ that they had ever seen. Their music was addictive. And Oh Boy, wasn’t it a surprise to Malayali world itself. ‘Nada Nada’, which when translated means ‘Keep Walking’ was their first introduction to the world. Surely, true to their song, they kept walking after that.

Nada Nada

What I liked about this band is their energy. And the guitar – I was blown away with that. What really struck me was they could really make you head bang in spite of the fact of that the lyrics aren’t in English. To the Vocalist, I give all the credit for he has been the reason for their success. His heart and soul is in the song and you can feel that. There you are hypnotized by this voice and the music that blends in.

In 2008 they released their debut album. They re-made “Nada Nada” video, with a music that was different from what they had produced first in 2003. If that was super, this was a notch higher.

Nada Nada (New Video Old Music)

But my personal favorite has been Adu Pambe. Simply because I love the start. I start headbanging and get goosebumps. Music is simply sublime and the buildup is exceptional. My favorite part reaches the solo at 4min 27sec, it’s just killer, the 6 string bass guitar has done a lot of justice to the song.

Adu Pambe

Avial (The Band)

The name is taken from the South Indian Kerala dish Aviyal which is made from the mixture of contrasting vegetables. Avial's work is a mix of folk music from Kerala and alternative rock, and the band's name is a reference to this. Avial depicts the social scene of Kerala and the plight of farmers whose hard-earned crop was seized by the local landlords. The music also consists of folk songs that were predominantly sung by the workers in the paddy fields. Very unlike from the other majority of the rock bands and that again gives me another reason why they are special.

Current band members

Rex Vijayan (Lead guitar and Synthesizer)
Tony John (Vocals, Turntables and Synthesizer)
Mithun Puthenveetil (Drums)
Binny Isaac (Bass)

Former members

Anand Raj Benjamin Paul (Lead Vocals) – Thrissur based singer who bought that special touch to Avial’s success, he was a English teacher until he quit and decided to give more time to music. He quit the band due to personal reasons.

Naresh Kamat (Bass Guitar) – The Non Malayali in the band, he was from Mumbai and presently working for Kailesh Kher.

Reneesh Alex(Rhythm guitar)

Rock Forever \m/

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Never Dead

Sometimes I wonder, why is that it is not all the songs you would like to listen from a band? You pick and chose from the many. When you hear music, you instantly relate to “This-must-be-from-that-band” phenomenon. Why do bands play a particular kind of music? Is it because they can’t better? Or just that the old numbers had hit an instant chord with the listeners and want to cater to them time n again because success seems to be ensured that way? Well some questions don’t have an answer. At least I can’t answer this one.

Talking about bands and their different songs, well there is this one song I can’t get over. It has got bloody good meaning and I feel so involved in the song. The passion, the desire to be in the song, gets you ‘into’ the song from the very first. As I hear these lines…

The Room It Seems To Come Alive
Very Hard To Breath
He Is The Bogeyman
He Lives Inside Your Head
He Is The Bogeyman
He Never Will Be Dead

…the words get deep into my brain and I just go crazy. I really can’t express in words what goes through me when I hear the song. The screeching and the lyrics give you a kind of spooky feel. The song envelopes you with a feeling of being ‘haunted’ by something. Here’s Bogeyman by UDO for you.

UDO - The Bogeyman

Well, you must know me. When I talk about a band, you know that I have always dived deep into the bands, their music, and almost everything about them. But I still may be ‘unknown’ to you. For I don’t know much about the band. There’s a reason. One simple reason in fact. I still can’t get over this one particular song. Each time I listen to, it means something different to me. I listen to this song every single day.
May be some day I will learn more about them and drown in their music. But as of now, it’s all about Bogeyman, because ‘He Never Will Be Dead’.

Rock Forever \m/

Monday, August 2, 2010

Fighting a different war

When you follow a band, what appeals to you? The pace of their music? The lyrics? The theme? Well, you may have your own justifications. I am referring to a band, whose music is all about a powerful enigma.

Love, hate, have been favorite theme of many bands. They say, ‘All is fair is love and war’. But if it’s only about war, I mean if a band is just dedicated to singing war related songs. I would say, “Powerful”, because it requires a great of deal of expertise and passion to do justice to the theme. And one of the best bands I have come across in this genre is ‘Sabaton’. Listen to Primos Victoria, Birds of War, Angels calling, and you will know what I am talking about.

A small trivia about how I found these war lords. I was exchanging youtube music links with another friend, and he sent me a link. Alien sounding words ‘Attero Dominatus’ caught my imagination. There was an instant urge to know what it meant – ‘Destroy the Tyranny’. True that’s what the song does to you. Well now that you are introduced ( in case you didn’t know sabaton) go on explore them. And if you do know them, what are you waiting for? The war? Let the war drums beat.

Attero Dominatus

Now as practice I dig down to get the best of the songs of a particular band. After listening and going through the wikipedia that the band plays songs based on historical wars. Now that’s interesting for me. Wars & history always fascinated me, this was a new learning not just they sing related to battles or war, may be there is something I have missed. The next immediate thing I did was listening to their songs and download whichever I like; I added a few to my collections and later in sometime will download the discography.

Primo Victoria (First Victory)

The above song is the from the movie Saving Private Ryan which talks about how they are going through the gates of hell as they make their way to heaven through the Nazi lines. On the 6th of June 1944, on the shore of Western Europe, was their Primo Victoria against the Nazi’s

After that the other songs which I heard were
Ghost Division
Angels Calling
Panzer Battalion
Counterstrike and many more

All these are based on different wars happened in different places.


Sabaton – A Swedish band from Falun formed in 1999 with a theme of historical wars, kicked off their career with Fist of Fight (which was not considered their first album because Metalizer was recorded earlier but they released in 2007). The second album was titled Primo Victoria. Their third album was continued with the theme where they had left off in Primo Victoria with songs like "Back in Control" (which focuses on the British liberation of the Falkland Islands during the Falklands War), "Attero Dominatus" (about the Battle of Berlin which brought about the end of World War II in Europe) and "Angels Calling" (about trench warfare during World War I), and was released in Europe on the 28th of July 2006.
In March 2007, Sabaton released Metalizer as a double disc together with Fist for Fight, along with the previously unreleased song "Birds of War". In 2008, another album was released called The Art of War which was inspired by the influential book by Sun Tzu. The reason for releasing on the basis of the book was because human race have achieved many things but apart weapon advancements, war and tactics have remained the same. This album consists singles like “Ghost Division”

Band formation

Jaokim Broden – Vocals, Keyboard (on Metalizer & Primo Victoria)
Rikard Sunden – Rhythm/Lead Guitar, backing vocals
Oskar Montelius – Lead/Rhythm Guitar, backing vocals
Par Sundstrom – Bass
Daniel Mullback – Drums, Percussions, backing vocals
Daniel Myhr – Keyboards, backing vocals

What will happen if all the songs historic wars are sung, what will Sabaton chose then? Will they find another way to promote themselves? Lot’s of questions can be asked? Well till they sing and perform it doesn’t matter. Keep fighting Sabaton

Rock Forever

They Blew me away

A band that never seems to stop experimenting. I have never heard them play the same kind of music. Each time, there’s something different that stands out. For many this has two implications. One: either that they are unsure as to where they fit in and thus play whatever – be it alternative rock or be it alternative metal. Two: They play different music because they have one thing on their mind – whatever they play should be worth listening to. True as their name, they seem to be known to break the rules. Here they are, Breaking Benjamin.

I still remember how the first song of theirs left me hunting to know them. I had heard a song of theirs on a popluar radio channel, but I couldn’t grasp it. The next day, I typed whatever I could remember of the song. And thirty minutes later I discovered ‘Dairy of Jane’. It was the first song of Breaking Benjamin and there begins my journey with them.

The Dairy of Jane

As I mention in my blogs the usual practice to find out more songs, I heard the next one and it was another master piece of theirs which I liked a lot. This time around the wordings and the music where felt on the same time. The guys voice, if I can explain is deep and sings with a lot of passion which makes his songs so very overwhelming

Blow me Away

These guys are really awesome to listen. The songs I like are So Cold, Breath, Give me a sign, I will not bow and many more.

After all the hard hitting songs the song which I really liked was Rain, because it’s slow “NO”, because it is soothing and the song has a such a lovely meaning. This cannot be explained more, you got to listen to it to get the feel of it


Breaking Benjamin is a band from Pennsylvania, and they are lined up

Current Members:
Benjamin Burnley - lead vocals, rhythm guitar (1998–Present)
Aaron Fink - lead guitar (2001–Present)
Mark Klepaski - bass guitar (2001–Present)
Chad Szeliga - drums, percussion (2005–Present)

Former Members:
Chris Lightcap - drums, percussion (1998)
Nick Hoover - bass guitar (1998)
Jonathan "Bug" Price - bass guitar, backing vocals (1998–2001)
Jeremy Hummel - drums, percussion (1998, 2001–2004)
Kevin Soffera - drums, percussion (2004)
Ben "B.C." Vaught - drums, percussion (2004–2005)

The band was formed in the year 1998, they fall into different category of rock as it depends on the kind of music they play. Their music is most often classified as alternative rock, alternative metal, nu metal, and post-grunge. Till date they have released 4 albums. Saturate (2002), We are not alone (2004), Phobia (2006) and Dear Agony (2009). The music is good so is the lyrics. The number of fans on Facebook is 1,091,947 (July 6, 2010). This will grow and the dairy of Benjamin will be known to the world.

Rock Forever \m/

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A smacking story

Sully Erna played drums for 23 years for a band called Strip Mind, finally deciding to start his own band and be the lead singer for that band. Called themselves ‘The Scam’, but quickly changed their name after one demo. The newly formed band was playing popular songs like “Whatever” and “Keep Away”, before playing in small bars in their hometown Boston. Soon these two songs escalated them to top of the hit charts in Boston. They got christened from a song from another band called “Alice In Chains”, the song was “God Smack”.

Godsmack - Whatever

Godsmack – Keep Away

It's been eight years since the first time I came to know about them through their song "I stand alone", which later went on to become the OST for Scorpion King. Today, as of now, I can say, I have heard almost each and every song of theirs, and eagerly awaiting to get hold of a copy of their new album which is rumored to be heavy metal and aggressive, surprisingly without songs on the lines of “Voodoo” or “Serenity”. ‘Cryin’ like a bitch’ is a number from their new album The Oracle.

Godsmack - I stand Alone (OST)

Godsmack – Cryin’ Like a bitch

This stuff is good; the typical Godsmack flavor is infused in the song. Hoping that rest of the songs in the Oracle is good, as always. I got to say that these guys have superlative talent and have the compatibility to produce good music. Long live Godsmack Long live rock!

This American heavy metal band was formed in 1995 from Lawerence, Massachusetts. Since its inception, they have released five albums. The band has had three consecutive #1 albums (Faceless, IV and the Oracle) on the Billboard 200. Godsmack has more songs parked on radio stations more than bands such as Linkin Park and Metallica. The band comprises of: Founder, lead singer and songwriter Sully Erna
Lead Guitarist Tony Rombola
Bassist Robbie Merrill
Drummer Shannon Larkin

In 1998, the first album called Godsmack was released and then on they were on a roll, in 2000: Awake, in 2003: Faceless, in 2006: IV and in 2010: The Oracle. They were also nominated for Grammy Awards for their exceptional work in 2001 “Vampires” for Best Rock Instrumental Performance, in 2003, “I Stand Alone” for Best Rock Song and Best Hard Rock Performance and in 2004, “Straight Out of Line” for Best Hard Performace. That says it all about them. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Rock Forever \m/

Monday, June 21, 2010

A song for Freedom, Fire and Future

“Wavin’ Flag – K’naan”, a mail from my friend saying that it’s an amazing song with good beats. As he assumed, I did like the beats and the lyrics. A totally perfect hip hop song.

Wavin' Flag - K'naan (featuring Akon - A Tribute to Third World Children) Music Video

The idea behind the song? The children in the third world countries don’t get what they want. Being ruled by the local mafias they lead a life with ‘guns in their hands instead of books’. They deal with drugs, illegal elephant tusks, and diamonds, just like it’s just ‘another thing’. The theme totally bowled me over. For once, I could foresee something good. A thumbs up for the positive initiative taken to let the world know what’s happening to the children in the third world, and the future that they hope for.

K'NAAN - Wavin' Flag (Coca-Cola Celebration Mix)

This song is about the celebration around this beautiful game called Football, being played in South Africa this time; asking everyone to wave their flag high and support. This song was a super kick-off, scheduled just in time when all the world cup flags were being shown before the start. It resonated the joy, the passion of World Cup. ‘It’s the time for the festival; it’s time for the FIFA World Cup’ was all that was ringing louder and louder in people’s heart with every single beat.

Knaan feat. & David Guetta - Waving Flag - Official Music Video

The official song is a very peppy number, with same music but a little change in lyrics and the inclusion of William and David Guetta in the video.

I was enjoying the song thinking it would be played for World Cup opening ceremony as the World Cup Official song. But Guess what? I was wrong! This wasn’t the official song! To my amazement, I found that it was Shakira’s – Waka Waka. It was a typical Shakira song with her hips moving the exceptional way, the best she does. A good song with a message saying to be ready for the battle.

When I compare both songs I feel K’naan feels much better than Shakira’s song. There is an extra touch in the song, it’s has more enthusiasm and the moment of the song is continuous which is good. Unlike Shakira’s the flow is broken and then pick’s up the tempo. Well both have its class and both are famous songs. So we have to welcome both and people will have their own thoughts about the song. For me, I go with K’naan

Give me Freedom, Give me Fire. Give me reason, take you higher. See the champions take the field now. The Festival has begun: Football World Cup.
Keep Waving

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


20,000+ views and 100+ comments, a song on YouTube, caught my eye while just rambling through. I clicked and then it started. The guitar and the other instruments together sounded magical. I knocked my head to the music. The title of the song was “Poets of the Fall – Lift”

Poets of the Fall – Lift

And it didn’t stop there. ‘Late Goodbye’ was my second pick. Sounded good to me again! Then I realized that this was the band’s first song. It sometimes is difficult to explain what music does to you. For me, sometimes it makes me “Lift my spirit, take me higher, make me fly. Touch the moon up in the sky”. In short that’s what ‘The Poet’s’ music can do to people like me and you as well.

Fact o File:

An alternative rock band from Helsinki, Finland formed in the year 2003 by Marko Saaresto and Olli Tukiainen. The latter had written few songs for Saaresto’s previous band Playground. Shortly, they were joined by Kaarlonen whom Saaresto got to know through his friend Sami Jarvi.

Current Band Members:

Saaresto (Lead Vocals, song writer)
Tukiainen (Lead Guitar)
Markus "Captain" Kaarlonen (Keyboards, Production)
Jani Snellman (Bass Guitar)
Jaska Mäkinen (Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals)
Jari Salminen (Drums, Percussion)

On 30 June 2004, the Poets released their first single Late Goodbye which was the OST for Max Payne 2 Game.

Poets of the Fall – Late Goodbye

On 9 September 2004, they released their second single Lift. They were voted fresh newcomer of 2004 in Finland. Lift won the 2nd place in the best song of the year category, Late Goodbye was at 7th. On 18th December 2004, Poets released an internet download single entitled May be Tomorrow is a Better Day.

Poets of the Fall - May be Tomorrow is a Better Day

For 2003 till date they have released 4 albums.

Signs of Life (2005–2006)
Carnival of Rust (2006–2007)
Revolution Roulette (2008-2009)
Twilight Theater (2010 onwards)
Carnival of Rust

The band is popular among alternative rock lovers and most find the Saaresto’s voice irresistible. Songs like desire, sleep, linger in your minds because of the soothing effect it brings.

Poets of the Fall – Sleep

Enjoy the song! I am off to sleep for now.

Rock Forever \m/

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blessed by Gods

Exhilaration, the day before the concert. Yeah, finally ‘the day’ was just a few hours away. Days and months of anticipation were finally in its last few hours. What was something distant and futuristic would now be history, in a matter of few hours.

Weekends with a equal to sign lazy, in short weekends=lazy (for me, at least). But this weekend was full of energy. Saturday, May 15, was going to be redefining weekend for me.
There was four hours to go before the gates would be thrown open to the head bangers. And my friend and I were already on our way. As we neared the grounds, all I saw was hundreds and hundreds of people, and most with blue jeans, black ‘LOG’ T-shirts. What the differentiating factor was, probably the weird hair styles. A few looked as if they hadn’t shaved for years. My respects to these real followers of metal.

Like you have the appetizer before the main course, Indian bands were playing. Boomerrang, Bhoomi, Scribe, and Extinct Reflections. They entertained us with reasonably good music for about three to four hours. And then came the moment that each and every heart was looking forward to. Yeah. The Gods were next on the schedule. But there was still another good 45 minutes before we could hear the Gods. An Announcement “Go, Grab your food and alcohol because it’s gonna be a fiery one.”

And at 7.30, The Gods blessed us. As the Gods entered the stage. The roar was thunderous. Enchanting in tandem with the horns up “Lamb of God”, “Lamb of God”, “Lamb of God”, “Lamb of God”. It was dark at the center stage and the then the first string struck. It was mayhem with color background lights (you will see that in the video) head banging and mesh pits. People were going crazy! I can’t really explain how the atmosphere was. It should be experienced rather than told.

Laid to rest (Live) @ Bangalore – Lamb of God

To keep the up intensity the Randy Blythe played one song after another nonstop for the next one and hour. The crowd really went berserk when Randy said “This is called Laid to Rest” and asked us to sing along. After this song, he called Mahatma Gandhi – The Punk Rock Dude that made us laugh. He dedicated the next song “Contractor” to him.

Contractor – Lamb of God

What was surprising to me was that he didn’t play Omerta. I was in the misconception that he would say this is the last song and play Omerta, but that never happened. I was a little disappointed about it, but I was all the more happy to hear the two Grammy songs. So the disappointment never stayed long. After the concert the only thing running in my mind was, “I just saw Lamb of God (LIVE)”. It was only Lamb of God for the next one week. I could feel the music of the bass guitar, the drums and Randy singing. Long live Lamb of God, they just knocked us out of our senses. In short, was transported to heaven for a few hours. Yeah, and it was worth each and every second.

Vigil – Lamb of God

Rock Forever \m/

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Prelude To The Gods ;)

“Dude I am sure you will like all the songs what I have sent, but you surely gonna love Omerta, I know what you listen to and what you like”. And he was right! , I loved it, in fact I asked him to send me more songs of Lamb of God that’s when he sent me ‘Redneck’. That how I got to know LOG, a few years ago, exchanging my collection with a friend.

And today 20 times – “Omerta” and “Redneck”. The reason: I am all kicked about tomorrow’s concert. Yeah, LOG will be here in Bangalore.  I am super excited. I don’t think I can explain what I am going through just thinking about the concert. And tomorrow should never die. Because with my hands up in the air, head banging, I will transported to a different world together; where the soul syncs with the music becoming a different entity all together. Every thought is just about tomorrow for now.


A heavy metal band formed in 1994 in Richmond, Virginia. Since its formation, they have released 6 studio albums

Lamb of God:
A heavy metal band formed in 1994 in Richmond, Virginia. Since its formation, they have released 6 studio albums.

1. Burn the Priest (1999)
2. New American Gospel (2000)
3. As the Palaces Burn (2003)
4. Ashes of the Wake (2004)
5. Sacrament (2006)
6. Wrath (2009)

In 2007 Lamb of God was nominated for Best Metal Performance for “Redneck” but lost out to Slayer’s “Eyes of the Insane”


Lamb of God was an instrumental band called Burn the Priest, and included vocals after Randy Blythe joined the band. They were influential to another metal band called Pantera. They both belong to Southern United States another connection and another fact that they both are highly influential bands.

Current Members:
Randy Blythe – lead vocals (1995–present)
Mark Morton – lead guitar (1990, 1997–present)
Willie Adler – rhythm guitar (1998–present)
John Campbell – bass (1990–present)
Chris Adler – drums

Former Member:
Abe Spear – guitar (1990–1998)

Lamb of God will be on the 2010 Mayhem Festival on the Mayhem Festival Main Stage along with Korn, Rob Zombie, and Five Finger Death Punch. Other festival participants include: Atreyu, In This Moment, 3 Inches of Blood , Hatebreed, Chimaira, Shadows Fall, and Winds of Plague. Lamb of God has also been nominated for a Grammy in 2010 for the Best Metal Performance category, with "Set to Fail" but lost out to Judas Priest.

Set to Fail

More updated on Lamb of God after the concert, till then keep banging your head to the music

Rock Forever \m/