Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Concert -One Word - Mind Blowing - Part 3

All I could see — People going crazy with passion, head banging and countless fans with their hands \m/ up in the air. And I never realized I was one of them. The atmosphere was electrifying. Everybody was enjoying the music and singing along. I knew this was going to be an experience of a lifetime and indeed it was.

What can a rock lover ask for? To be in the middle of a concert, to see a band you love, to see them play live in front of you. That’s it right? Yeah, and I was right there. Even heaven might not be as enjoyable as this!

Now Bruce Dickinson was just unbelievable. He just brought in more energy in the maddening crowd. Bruce almost in 50s running around the stage as if he were 20 years younger, I was awestruck. Bruce shouted “SCREAM FOR ME BAAAAAAAAAANGALOE, SCREAM FOR ME BAAAAAAANGALOREEEEEEE". That was it and probably that was what the crowd was waiting for. And the crowd screamed, screamed as loudly as they could, nothing in the world seemed more important to them at that point of time.

I am sure he didn’t expect this kind of response from the crowd, he probably felt over whelmed. If you don’t believe me, just look at his smile (in the video). And what Bruce said next, still rings in my mind like a priest chanting his prayers. Bruce said "You, all of you are going to be a part of history, after this, looking at all you metal lovers, there will be many bands to follow". Bruce said one more thing and the crowd went wild "And we will be back soon to India after this show, may be next year or next to next year, but we will be here" and when he said you can just imagine how the crowd was screaming and yelling on top of their voice.

A film taken by Global Metal film.

This video has a message that we are a GLOBAL RELIGION!!!

What made the show all more dramatic and super ecstatic was the special entry of their mascot ‘Eddie’. I can probably say, that was one of the best part, and the other amazing part was when they sang two songs and said “Bye Bangalore, will be back soon”. As expected, there is nothing that can quench the thirst for music, especially music of this grandeur. So all of us out there, start chanting “Once More, Once More” in perfect unison. Still, the lights go off. But that didn’t deter any one of us, and no one moved. Then all of a sudden Bruce comes out and tells the crowd that they are done. But that still didn’t stop the Bangalore Crowd from chanting the encore. This fervour, this passion, ignited Bruce and he screams “Troooooooooooooooopers” and Eddie enters the stage. Now what happens next is left for you to imagine. Later realized that the "Bye" was just to make the crowd even more crazier!

Now, when I look back, I just have a smirk on my face, a whole lot of memories and a wish if I could go back to that time again. Sometimes, it’s just a great feeling to be a part of history. Not everybody might understand the importance of this, those who do, sure will say “Oh! Boy! You were lucky to part of it.” Those who don’t never will understand what they missed.

For all those who so wanted to be there, but missed, a dedication to you all – one of the Maiden's best song "Number of the beast" from the concert. Enjoy!

Rock Lives forever

Rock Forever \m/

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Concert -One Word - Mind Blowing - Part 2

Thanks for reading!

Continuing from where I left last time. With just two days left, and none of my friends from college or even office to accompany me, I thought I might have to go alone. But sometimes, your thoughts don’t become reality and this was one such moment, because I had a person accompanying me to the concert.

Who was this person. There’s a small story you got read. It was just another day at college with the professor calling out the attendance as if you were in school. A particular name was called out ( Privacy issues, names can’t be revealed, sorry folks) and I shouted “absent” and suddenly I was startled when a voice screamed “No Sir, I am present". Now, there I was looking, who that person was, I had never seen that guy for the entire semester and there he was saying present. Confused, bewildered, I shook my head and apologised for being wrong.
An hour later, after the class, during the breaks, an usual chat session was on and I spoke to that guy, and during the conversation he happened to mention about the Iron Maiden show. The very words Iron Maiden triggered an adrenal rush and I was totally energised! I said “I am going too”, and asked if I could join him” All he said was “5'0 clock Brigade Road, I will be waiting for you”. Now that I had some company, the excitement heightened and reached a whole new level.

The next day, I was ten minutes behind schedule, I called him on his cell phone, he said “ I am waiting down the road”. I went running just to find that what awaited me was something I never expected. There he was, with a couple of his friends. So finally the number was four, yeah there were four of us who barely knew each other but united by spirit of love for rock music.

It took about two hours to reach the ground zero, the place where the concert was happening, the palace grounds. The noise there was deafening. It was 7:15, and Parikrama — a local Indian Rock Band was on stage. People wanted Maiden and not them at that point of time, so people chant “Maiden” Mantra again and again.

And finally, at about nine we saw them. We saw the demi-gods. I was too far too see them. As it happens in rock concerts, there were divisions for different category of passes and tickets. I belonged to those who had a ticket for Rs.800. Those who paid Rs1200 were luckier, they got a closer view. Many jumped the fence and got into the 1200 bucks category. There were huge screen placed everywhere. But that didn’t satisfy many music lovers and I was one of them. I was lucky enough to escape the lathi charge while jumping into the1200 bucks category. ( I know, sometimes you do crazy stuffs and smile when you think of it later on) And finally, after all this madness, or passion, or whatever you may call it, I was right there, in the middle of the concert.

Got to stop for now. Will continue what happens next in the up-coming post. Believe me, you don’t know what to expect. All I say is ‘Wait for it’.

Rock Forever \m/