Friday, September 23, 2011

Pushing Tin Live

1. Save Tonight
2. Plush
3. Ever Little Thing
4. Colours
5. Always
6. With Or Without You
7. Reggae Mix
8. Take On Me
9. Every Once In A While
10. Won’t Look Back
11. Sunshine
12. Introspect
13. Drive
14. Eruptions
15. Diamonds In The Sky
16. Are You Gonna Go My Way
17. Every Breath You Take
18. Learn To Funk
19. Good Shit
20. Beat It
21. Message In A Bottle
22. Be Yourself

That’s a whole lot of songs for one day. Well these are the songs which were played magnificently by Pushing Tin boys.

It all began at 8.30pm; the long wait for an hour had finally come to an end. Sitting with friends and telling them who Pushing Tin is and what kinda music they play, this was how it began.

Diamonds in the Sky (Eruptions Intro) HD

I was telling them they play more of soft rock and jazz, but it was one of those rare occasions when I was wrong. The band plays a mix of music, and as they term themselves as Metro Rock but I am sure it was much more than that.

The show began with a old song as per the list above. As they continued playing one by one, the cheer got louder and louder. They always wanted the crowd to sing along and they too did respond since the songs were well known. There were gifts given out, that means you have to be listening to them and trust me people were, I was one of them who won some gifts.

These guys play covers and also their own song, and one of them was “Colors”


The band took a break and while you expect the band to chill out. The Pushing boys startle the audience. Out of the blue, Romit shows of his skills with an acoustic guitar, which was something similar to the August Rush movie, as per him it was the first time he did that. You gotta watch him do that again. Then they all jam up again on stage but this time with a twist - the drummer becomes guitarist, lead guitar goes to bass and bass guitarist goes to drums and it was fun to watch them do that.

How do you feel when you get on stage and you get a chance to sing along with the band? Well I was one of the lucky ones to have that opportunity. Sitting on the first floor of Kyra Theatre and my friends were shouting my name aloud, so that I go and sing with them just pumped me up. So I began getting down the stairs and walking towards the stage thinking what should I do on stage. Shall I just swing with the music, go stand along with the singer or stand next Ashley (the bass guitarist, whom I know). I finally reached the stage and the first thing I asked was what should I do? Where should I stand? When am I supposed to sing? Do I get the lyrics? Well then Ashley told you will sing along with me, I was a relieved man then.

Standing next to the bass guitarist and then Romit the drummer starts; I was just standing and nodding my head with the music. It felt amazing to sing and you can hear the crowd roaring and singing along with you. And Vikshut was amazing on stage, he saw that the crowd always followed him and he kept the crowd going. Talking about Mark (Holy mother of God!) the solos are mind blowing, so effortless, so easy, I would say, “Man, you were born with a guitar in your hand.”

Learn To Funk

I thank my friends for pushing towards the stage and then thank Ashley and the Pushing Tin boys for the lovely show. It was one hell of a night for me. It was for the first time ever on stage and singing along with a band. It was like WOW! And to add to that, Pushing Tin says I am the first person from the crowd to come onstage and sing with them, that too a song they wrote when they started the band in 2006, I can never forget these words “Learn To Funk”

Awesome, wonderful, amazing, incredible and I can go on. It was a just out-of-this world experience which has made me to take a silent vow to go with the band and cover their live performances.

Pushing Tin -

Long Live Pushing Tin