Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Sound checks and tuning in progress, marked the beginning. But my heart with every beat was impatient to get it started. Landing early at Kyra, I was able to catch a glimpse of the pre-event preparation, also giving me a chance to wish the bands good luck. Three Indian bands were supposed to shower metal rain that day after which the real tornado of metal was expected to happen.

Theorized – a Bangalore based metal band kick started the show. Little sluggish in the beginning, but as they played they gained momentum, so did we. Pits were formed and metal head were already drowning in the music. Then came ‘Albatross’. They were head-on. Head banging was reaching its zenith, I thought. They fired the stage with their energy and the singer was just super. O my, what an impression these guys made. These guys recently released their album, ‘Dinner Is You.’

 With time falling short, pace picked up and ‘Devoid’ was on stage in no time. With a screech, Arun Iyer made the crowd grow berserk, added to the drums and guitars doing their bit. The whole atmosphere was now like a metal thunderstorm. Devoid, has come a long way from where they started, bettering with each performance. Their favourite numbers are kick-ass and they make it a point to play them in most of their performance, giving another greater jolt to the already electrifying atmosphere.

Finally, yes finally, it was time for the show stopper, rather intensifier. The Dubai based ‘Nervecell’ were performing for the first time in India. The music was maddening to all metal lovers. Their stage performance – unavoidable to ignore. With their best track ‘Human Chaos’, no one could resist from head banging and being drowned in the metal tornado. Just like Life and Death, which cannot be described, I really can’t say how it feels to be right there.

Human Chaos – Nervecell

This metal tour of Nervecell will be a success and one of the turning paths of their career. Soon they will be the masters of a huge army of fans.

A toast to “Nervecell’ and the other bands played. That was a hell of a metal concert.

Long live “metal heads”


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

‘Kick-Ass’ Stuff

When the drums beat, when the strings meet to form the chords, there is a powerful ecstatic music, then all you need is just “HEADBANG” and scream “O hell yeah.” This is what happens to me when a band strikes back with a new album, so powerful that you want to listen to it again and again. I haven’t listened to the entire album, but just the two songs and I tell you something, it feels better than before.

Disturbed – Asylum

This has been a long wait for people like me who just love being ‘Disturbed’. A first glance at this song, you tend to think about the word ‘asylum‘and how you relate to the song, what revolves around it, but for me it has a different meaning all together. It asks us to give us freedom from this asylum world.

Disturbed - "Another Way To Die

This song is about how we are screwing up our own future, our own planet. And if we don’t foresee this doomed future, humanity will suffer. And because of our negligence we will be the means to the end. Clearly, sends out the message ‘Be ready for the worse to come.’

These two songs are just one of it’s kind and I am sure Disturbed has more to offer. Waiting to get the entire album and just close my eyes and go \m/ headbang.

Long live rock, long live Disturbed.
Rock forever \m/