Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Circle of Music

There are things which normally happen to each and everyone. There are times we see similarities in our lives and how we live our lives. That’s what “circle of life” is all about.
You & I, present & future, thoughts & experiences that are similar yet different.

Now there are people who listen to different kind of music, some like rock and only rock feel everything else is bull crap. There are others who listen to anything and everything under the sun and sea. And then again there are people who listen to rock for a while and then shift to something else and from there something else. For me, there are a few bands from different genres that keep ringing in my head through out the day.

1. Disturbed
2. Kauan
3. Agalloch
4. Coldworld
5. Burzum
6. The old time songs like Pink Floyd, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath and many more

Now this circle is very intriguing, since it keeps me happy and it also allows me connected with my soul through music. In 24 hours of a day at least 14 hours is dedicated to music.

The other day when I was thinking and asking myself, “What I have learned from music and what have I learnt with various forms of genre?” Well, the answer was simple, “If you like it, then you will love it and if you love it, then you will stay happy. Well, I am not saying this is the reason for happiness, what I am trying to say is, listen to what you love and it could be a reason for your happiness.”

Well these days I have been listening to an unique amalgamation of these genres. Because I try and find new bands and see if I can connect to their music. Few bands that successfully have been in synch with me through such discoveries are

1. Amorphis (will be writing about them soon)
2. Inquisition (another one to be penned)

These two belong to different genre but I like hearing them. To put this in simple words, music is the food for my hungry soul and Music is everything I know of.

“Music is the bond”