Thursday, April 22, 2010

Am "Disturbed"

I was ‘Disturbed’. Yeah, You heard it right. I was on a trip to Dandeli in Maharashtra and a friend of mine compelled, nagged, and forced all of us to hear a song, and I was the only one who finally gave in. Sometimes you hear a few random phrases during some random talk that “Whatever happens, happens for good”. I never actually gave much thought to these lines until that day. I was happy I gave in to his constant ‘nagging’ (At least that’s what I thought at that point of time, but now I truly understand why he asked us to). His constant nagging left me ‘Disturbed’.

All, those ‘Disturbed’ fans out there, I know you got what I am saying. For those who didn’t, this is how I got introduced to a band ‘Disturbed’. These guys stand apart, they are in a league of their own. When I heard their song for the first time, it was a completely new experience for me. And today after 10 years after that song was released, they have come up with ‘Remixed and Remastered’ as their 10th Anniversary Edition. And I am just waiting to grab a copy of it.

Down With the Sickness this song was the beginning for me and I never stopped after this. The first beat I heard and I was already in love with the music and the way the singer sings, I think no one can. That's his inbuilt beauty what he possess.

Fact o File:
The Band: Formed in 1996 when musicians Dan Donegan, Steve "Fuzz" Kmak, and Mike Wengren hired David Draiman as there lead singer. Before vocalist David Draiman joined Disturbed, they were known as Brawl, a band whose lineup consisted of vocalist Erich Awalt.

So the line up is:

Lead Singer : David Draiman
Guitarist : Dan Donegan
Dummer : Mike Wengren
Bassist : Steve "Fuzz" Kmak

After re-naming the band. They have released 4 albums and 5th one is on its way

1. The Sickness (1998–2000)
2. Believe (2001–2003)
3. Ten Thousand Fists (2004–2006)
4. Indestructible (2007–2009)
5. Decade of Disturbed, fifth studio album (Since 2010)

I am waiting for the 5th one and I want to get "Disturbed" again!

Their last album indestructible had an OST for the movie "Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen"

This Moment!

Rock Forever \m/

Thursday, April 8, 2010

After Effects!

I was walking out of the concert but the music was still playing loud in my ears. “Chants of “Maiden, Maiden, Maiden” was reverberating in the air.As I stepped out of the grounds I saw a huge crowd around the place, most of them in  black t-shirts with "Iron Maiden" on it. At that moment, my belief that ‘Metal is a global religion’ just grew stronger.

I could see the change, the enthusiasm, the euphoria.Metal lovers were screaming; for more and asking the metal bands to come to India and especially Bangalore to perform. And the message was simple ‘We are ready - bring it on’. The atmosphere even after the show was just "Electrifying".

Couple of days passed but I couldn’t get out of the hangover of that deadly music! And it was just one of those days, when a thought crossed my mind. I started taking that thought seriously. One question. ‘How many bands do I know and How well I knew them?’ haunted me all through. Now the second half of the question is what intrigued me more. Because the discovery for new bands had started long back but I just got to know them at the surface level. It was a like a formal handshake with these bands. But after that day, I knew that what I knew about the bands was just not enough. I started researching about them, so that I really do know about ‘ Rock’ and was not like just another pseudo who calls himself a ‘Rocklover’ and knows nothing about Real Rock Music.

PS: The first thing I did was to find how many kinds of rock are there and I found this