Thursday, April 8, 2010

After Effects!

I was walking out of the concert but the music was still playing loud in my ears. “Chants of “Maiden, Maiden, Maiden” was reverberating in the air.As I stepped out of the grounds I saw a huge crowd around the place, most of them in  black t-shirts with "Iron Maiden" on it. At that moment, my belief that ‘Metal is a global religion’ just grew stronger.

I could see the change, the enthusiasm, the euphoria.Metal lovers were screaming; for more and asking the metal bands to come to India and especially Bangalore to perform. And the message was simple ‘We are ready - bring it on’. The atmosphere even after the show was just "Electrifying".

Couple of days passed but I couldn’t get out of the hangover of that deadly music! And it was just one of those days, when a thought crossed my mind. I started taking that thought seriously. One question. ‘How many bands do I know and How well I knew them?’ haunted me all through. Now the second half of the question is what intrigued me more. Because the discovery for new bands had started long back but I just got to know them at the surface level. It was a like a formal handshake with these bands. But after that day, I knew that what I knew about the bands was just not enough. I started researching about them, so that I really do know about ‘ Rock’ and was not like just another pseudo who calls himself a ‘Rocklover’ and knows nothing about Real Rock Music.

PS: The first thing I did was to find how many kinds of rock are there and I found this

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