Thursday, December 1, 2011

30 Years of Wait

5.30 am. Heavy downpour. Had to pick up a friend who was coming to the city only for one hell good reason.The thunder, the rains, the excitement fuelled our heart to beat faster than ever. At that point of time If you would have asked why we
were excited. We wouldn’t be able to answer, because the mind, the heart, was all intoxicated.

It’s not the intoxication of alcohol or any of that sort. It was intoxication of a feeling called “METALLICA.” After 30 years of wait,finally they were here on October 30, 2011.

At 11 in the morning, we headed straight to the venue though the gates would open only at 3 in the afternoon. At the first sight of reaching the venue and we were like OMG! A huge line waiting, not knowing what to do we just decided to skip the line and head to the entrance directly. After reaching the entrance there was another crowd of people pushing and the number of people in the crowd was just adding up minute by minute. We decided to push and get through the entrances as soon as possible, so that we could get as close as possible to the stage. Some how we managed to get through the entrance with lot of pushing and yelling. So went in and saw that we are a decent place to see the concert (which wasn’t exactly that good later on).

22,000+ spectators across India were here, it’s was not for some cultural or state event. It was a concert where caste, creed, religion didn’t matter. It’s was for music and Nothing Else Matters!!

Some Indian band was performing already, which meant the show had started and we had no idea who it was, well doesn’t matter. Now there was a wait of another 30 minutes before the next band played. These guys known as “Biffy Clyro” – quite decent band with 4 albums I guess. You can read more online. Well these guys performed well and crowd really appreciated the songs played. The song I liked was called “The Captain”, I really think it’s worth listening to. These guys played
for almost an hour and 20 mins. And the next thing in mind was I need to hear this guys on YouTube. And I did that

Biffy Clyro - The Captain

Well these guys were impressive and time was ticking and people were anxious and couldn’t wait for long. The energy was going down since they didn’t know the songs but the crowd still cheered along. And after what seemed like a long long wait Biffy Clyro bid bye and brought us back to life. Many thought that Metallica would start immediately, well then the wait continued and chants for Metallica began. People were on their toes to get the first glimpse of the greatest band known to them and after 45mins of wait they came in and the what happened next is history. The crowds were hysterical, euphoric and whatever!

It’s always hard to describe the feeling which comes, it was something like the back, the legs which were all tired all of standing and pushing just vanished. Cameras and phones were up in the air to record each and every bit of what can be termed as a history to all the metal fans in India. This is one band every Tom, Dick and Harry would know and I wasn’t wrong. Kids and teenagers around me were shouting and swearing like idiots (which is kinda annoying) and many fools came to see them live and they thought it would be a walk in the park. Seriously speaking dumbest kids I have ever seen. Any which ways back to the concert now, they started with the song “Creeping Death” - And it started with a video playing on the huge
screens and while the crowd watched the band come onto the stage and started the magic with drums and guitars.

I can’t explain much as to how the show went on since it was surely an amazing feeling to see live - one of the greatest bands you followed when you were new to the metal world But All I can tell you is list of songs they played, so I leave it all to your imagination to imagine how the show must have been, because there are something that words fail to describe.

1. For Whom the Bell Tolls
2. Fuel
3. Ride the Lightning
4. Fade to Black
5. Cyanide
6. The Memory Remains
7. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
8. Sad But True
9. A Nightmare Long
10. One
11. Master of Puppets
12. Blackened
13. Nothing Else Matters
14. Enter Sandman
15. Am I Evil?
16. Motorbreath
17. Seek & Destroy

These tracks were really nerve wracking as they played non-stop for 2 hours, the biggest concert played by any big bands that I have seen.And after all that, I was tired to death! But metal and rock lives on! And I am sure I will see many more bands live in the years to come.