Thursday, June 23, 2011

Coldworld – The Best Black Metal I have known!

What do you think when it’s gloomy and about to rain? What is that you think when a thunder strikes? What is the feeling when air flows across your face? What do you think when the rain drops fall on your windowsill? Is there something new that I can foresee? For most, rain, thunder and cool breeze might ask for a cup of hot tea or a snooze time. But for me, the very same weather reminds me of - \Coldworld/.

Nothing beats them. Nothing at all and it’s so damn perfect. The intensity of the weather, the ability to alter your mood just like the strong rains lies with the band. The band has the power to make your imagination come true with the music creeping through your body and hitting your brains. You will realize that this is where I should be and also realize that you are living a fake life. It’s so addictive that every time you listen to it, you wanna live that life you begin to dream of.

Coldworld – Tortured by Solitude

This song is the perfect introduction to Coldworld, since it gives the hang of what I am talking about. This is most underrated band I have ever known. You won’t find a Wikipedia page simply because not much people know about it and moreover it’s a one man army band. And the guy who owns it doesn't want to publish like other bands in the world. He has his own terms and conditions which even I don't know. Anyways, what you find there (on the net) is not true. The information given is not true, It’s not a hardcore band; it’s an ambient genre band.

The next song which you must listen from Coldworld is “Hymn To Eternal Frost”, this song makes me feel thatmy leg and arms are frozen. It’s another magnificient piece music which you shouldn’t be missing. Just to add to the information what Coldworld does is “ColdWorld combines melodic Black Metal with influences from Ambient / Electronic and a breath of classic music” – Myspace General Info, you need to listen to this one

Coldworld - Hymn To Eternal Frost

Coldworld is something I would love to listen and I listen to it everyday, simply because I love it. I don’t need to say as to how it has influenced me, because music has different influences on different people.
Before I wrap up, I love Coldworld. There are few songs which I recommend to listen. Don’t get away without listening to it, because you definitely can’t.

Coldworld - Suicide

Coldworld – This Empty Life

And scariest of the lot Coldworld – The Old Ghost in the Well

And the last one I would love to listen without a miss is

Coldworld – Red Snow

Coldworld on MySpace:

Let the music speak from here onwards