Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Make up your mind…

Have you ever wondered why is it that a particular song comes to your mind and you feel like hearing it again and again and again? There might be two probabilities in most cases: the music or the compelling lyrics. But there are songs which do not fall in either of the two categories but instead have an added quality to it, the vocals.

One such band which I can recall when it is this third probability is Coheed and Cambria. Their way of singing has been my weakness and some of their songs stick on to me like glue.

Not many have heard about these guys and not many people follow them. Their lyrics aren’t strong and their music is almost mediocre. To be frank, the band is very vulnerable when it comes to lyrics. These guys have released four albums with a not very exceptional sale record. But they do have a few brilliant compositions.

Formed in 2001 in New York, the band is known for their progressive rock, punk rock, heavy metal and post-hardcore (Hardcore punk rock).

What I am talking about is their song “Welcome Home.” The song starts with plucking of the guitars providing an intensity which strikes the brain and flows down to the foot, till the entire body sways with the music. This is no trance I am talking about. There is some kind of energy which flows within when you hear. May be you too will also experience the same while you listen.

Welcome Home

Now this song is very well written, especially the lines which go

One last kiss for you
One more wish to you
Please make up your mind girl
Before I hope you die.

I particularly like that line, who would have thought about “please make up your mind girl, before I hope you die”, after that the guitar goes on till the end, giving a really nice ending to the song. They should have done this often, and as per Myspace and Facebook their new album has been pretty well written and composed. I hope to see the bright side of this band. I am waiting…

Rock Forever

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Volume and The Beat

Lead, Bass and Drums: When they strike together, a high intensity crazy feeling flows up your veins and your brain's hypnotized. No worries, no thoughts; just a feeling of euphoria and images of strumming guitars and drum strokes. This is me, when I dissolve in a world of music – a world of metal.

When I talk about a few bands here— it means, there are bands that are not ordinary or extraordinary – they are something more than any adjectives could describe. Be it, Sabaton from Sweden for being a pure metal band or Poets of the fall for their alternative rock. Metallica, Elvis Presley and the Rock n Roll legends have inspired many bands. One among them is –Volbeat.

A Danish band from Copenhagen, formed in 2001 and they play Heavy Metal, Alternative Metal & Groove Metal. (PS: Vol for Volume and Beat for Beat.)

In 2005, they were a sensation with their first album The Strength/The Sound/The Songs. They also received Best Album in the Danish Metal Musik Awards the same year. Outstanding reviews spread the word further and that helped them come out with their second album in 2007— the Rebel/Metal the Devil. This was followed by Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood in 2008. This year they are working on a new album called Beyond Hell/Above Heaven.

Not many people would know about Volbeat. But those who do, will agree that the music has the punch to get you head banging and at the same time they can be the ones that leaves you foot tapping. And Michael Poulsen’s voice and experience in Death Metal, is what adds that extra punch.

I Only Wanna Be With You

Looking at the their success in 2005, they released albums in 2007 - Rock the Rebel/Metal the Devil, 2008 - Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood and 2010 they are working on a new album called Beyond Hell/Above Heaven.

Volbeat - Boa (jdm)

Waiting for the 2010 album, I am sure it would be another spectacular one.

Rock Forever \m/