Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Never Dead

Sometimes I wonder, why is that it is not all the songs you would like to listen from a band? You pick and chose from the many. When you hear music, you instantly relate to “This-must-be-from-that-band” phenomenon. Why do bands play a particular kind of music? Is it because they can’t better? Or just that the old numbers had hit an instant chord with the listeners and want to cater to them time n again because success seems to be ensured that way? Well some questions don’t have an answer. At least I can’t answer this one.

Talking about bands and their different songs, well there is this one song I can’t get over. It has got bloody good meaning and I feel so involved in the song. The passion, the desire to be in the song, gets you ‘into’ the song from the very first. As I hear these lines…

The Room It Seems To Come Alive
Very Hard To Breath
He Is The Bogeyman
He Lives Inside Your Head
He Is The Bogeyman
He Never Will Be Dead

…the words get deep into my brain and I just go crazy. I really can’t express in words what goes through me when I hear the song. The screeching and the lyrics give you a kind of spooky feel. The song envelopes you with a feeling of being ‘haunted’ by something. Here’s Bogeyman by UDO for you.

UDO - The Bogeyman

Well, you must know me. When I talk about a band, you know that I have always dived deep into the bands, their music, and almost everything about them. But I still may be ‘unknown’ to you. For I don’t know much about the band. There’s a reason. One simple reason in fact. I still can’t get over this one particular song. Each time I listen to, it means something different to me. I listen to this song every single day.
May be some day I will learn more about them and drown in their music. But as of now, it’s all about Bogeyman, because ‘He Never Will Be Dead’.

Rock Forever \m/

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