Monday, August 30, 2010

Nada Nada Nada

If there is one place, where ‘beauty’ does not just apply to people, but also to - the nature, the air, the water and everything about the place. It is none other than, what is better known as ‘God’s Own Country. Yes, a place known for its spirituality, rhythmic music of the ‘panchavadyam’, classical and mystic places, and the description goes on. But what if I say, Kerala and then next word I say, “Rock.” Would you find a discord? Probably most would.
But indeed seven years ago, a band created sensation in the country. They were hailed as the ‘Best Rock Band’ that they had ever seen. Their music was addictive. And Oh Boy, wasn’t it a surprise to Malayali world itself. ‘Nada Nada’, which when translated means ‘Keep Walking’ was their first introduction to the world. Surely, true to their song, they kept walking after that.

Nada Nada

What I liked about this band is their energy. And the guitar – I was blown away with that. What really struck me was they could really make you head bang in spite of the fact of that the lyrics aren’t in English. To the Vocalist, I give all the credit for he has been the reason for their success. His heart and soul is in the song and you can feel that. There you are hypnotized by this voice and the music that blends in.

In 2008 they released their debut album. They re-made “Nada Nada” video, with a music that was different from what they had produced first in 2003. If that was super, this was a notch higher.

Nada Nada (New Video Old Music)

But my personal favorite has been Adu Pambe. Simply because I love the start. I start headbanging and get goosebumps. Music is simply sublime and the buildup is exceptional. My favorite part reaches the solo at 4min 27sec, it’s just killer, the 6 string bass guitar has done a lot of justice to the song.

Adu Pambe

Avial (The Band)

The name is taken from the South Indian Kerala dish Aviyal which is made from the mixture of contrasting vegetables. Avial's work is a mix of folk music from Kerala and alternative rock, and the band's name is a reference to this. Avial depicts the social scene of Kerala and the plight of farmers whose hard-earned crop was seized by the local landlords. The music also consists of folk songs that were predominantly sung by the workers in the paddy fields. Very unlike from the other majority of the rock bands and that again gives me another reason why they are special.

Current band members

Rex Vijayan (Lead guitar and Synthesizer)
Tony John (Vocals, Turntables and Synthesizer)
Mithun Puthenveetil (Drums)
Binny Isaac (Bass)

Former members

Anand Raj Benjamin Paul (Lead Vocals) – Thrissur based singer who bought that special touch to Avial’s success, he was a English teacher until he quit and decided to give more time to music. He quit the band due to personal reasons.

Naresh Kamat (Bass Guitar) – The Non Malayali in the band, he was from Mumbai and presently working for Kailesh Kher.

Reneesh Alex(Rhythm guitar)

Rock Forever \m/

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