Monday, August 2, 2010

Fighting a different war

When you follow a band, what appeals to you? The pace of their music? The lyrics? The theme? Well, you may have your own justifications. I am referring to a band, whose music is all about a powerful enigma.

Love, hate, have been favorite theme of many bands. They say, ‘All is fair is love and war’. But if it’s only about war, I mean if a band is just dedicated to singing war related songs. I would say, “Powerful”, because it requires a great of deal of expertise and passion to do justice to the theme. And one of the best bands I have come across in this genre is ‘Sabaton’. Listen to Primos Victoria, Birds of War, Angels calling, and you will know what I am talking about.

A small trivia about how I found these war lords. I was exchanging youtube music links with another friend, and he sent me a link. Alien sounding words ‘Attero Dominatus’ caught my imagination. There was an instant urge to know what it meant – ‘Destroy the Tyranny’. True that’s what the song does to you. Well now that you are introduced ( in case you didn’t know sabaton) go on explore them. And if you do know them, what are you waiting for? The war? Let the war drums beat.

Attero Dominatus

Now as practice I dig down to get the best of the songs of a particular band. After listening and going through the wikipedia that the band plays songs based on historical wars. Now that’s interesting for me. Wars & history always fascinated me, this was a new learning not just they sing related to battles or war, may be there is something I have missed. The next immediate thing I did was listening to their songs and download whichever I like; I added a few to my collections and later in sometime will download the discography.

Primo Victoria (First Victory)

The above song is the from the movie Saving Private Ryan which talks about how they are going through the gates of hell as they make their way to heaven through the Nazi lines. On the 6th of June 1944, on the shore of Western Europe, was their Primo Victoria against the Nazi’s

After that the other songs which I heard were
Ghost Division
Angels Calling
Panzer Battalion
Counterstrike and many more

All these are based on different wars happened in different places.


Sabaton – A Swedish band from Falun formed in 1999 with a theme of historical wars, kicked off their career with Fist of Fight (which was not considered their first album because Metalizer was recorded earlier but they released in 2007). The second album was titled Primo Victoria. Their third album was continued with the theme where they had left off in Primo Victoria with songs like "Back in Control" (which focuses on the British liberation of the Falkland Islands during the Falklands War), "Attero Dominatus" (about the Battle of Berlin which brought about the end of World War II in Europe) and "Angels Calling" (about trench warfare during World War I), and was released in Europe on the 28th of July 2006.
In March 2007, Sabaton released Metalizer as a double disc together with Fist for Fight, along with the previously unreleased song "Birds of War". In 2008, another album was released called The Art of War which was inspired by the influential book by Sun Tzu. The reason for releasing on the basis of the book was because human race have achieved many things but apart weapon advancements, war and tactics have remained the same. This album consists singles like “Ghost Division”

Band formation

Jaokim Broden – Vocals, Keyboard (on Metalizer & Primo Victoria)
Rikard Sunden – Rhythm/Lead Guitar, backing vocals
Oskar Montelius – Lead/Rhythm Guitar, backing vocals
Par Sundstrom – Bass
Daniel Mullback – Drums, Percussions, backing vocals
Daniel Myhr – Keyboards, backing vocals

What will happen if all the songs historic wars are sung, what will Sabaton chose then? Will they find another way to promote themselves? Lot’s of questions can be asked? Well till they sing and perform it doesn’t matter. Keep fighting Sabaton

Rock Forever

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