Thursday, June 24, 2010

A smacking story

Sully Erna played drums for 23 years for a band called Strip Mind, finally deciding to start his own band and be the lead singer for that band. Called themselves ‘The Scam’, but quickly changed their name after one demo. The newly formed band was playing popular songs like “Whatever” and “Keep Away”, before playing in small bars in their hometown Boston. Soon these two songs escalated them to top of the hit charts in Boston. They got christened from a song from another band called “Alice In Chains”, the song was “God Smack”.

Godsmack - Whatever

Godsmack – Keep Away

It's been eight years since the first time I came to know about them through their song "I stand alone", which later went on to become the OST for Scorpion King. Today, as of now, I can say, I have heard almost each and every song of theirs, and eagerly awaiting to get hold of a copy of their new album which is rumored to be heavy metal and aggressive, surprisingly without songs on the lines of “Voodoo” or “Serenity”. ‘Cryin’ like a bitch’ is a number from their new album The Oracle.

Godsmack - I stand Alone (OST)

Godsmack – Cryin’ Like a bitch

This stuff is good; the typical Godsmack flavor is infused in the song. Hoping that rest of the songs in the Oracle is good, as always. I got to say that these guys have superlative talent and have the compatibility to produce good music. Long live Godsmack Long live rock!

This American heavy metal band was formed in 1995 from Lawerence, Massachusetts. Since its inception, they have released five albums. The band has had three consecutive #1 albums (Faceless, IV and the Oracle) on the Billboard 200. Godsmack has more songs parked on radio stations more than bands such as Linkin Park and Metallica. The band comprises of: Founder, lead singer and songwriter Sully Erna
Lead Guitarist Tony Rombola
Bassist Robbie Merrill
Drummer Shannon Larkin

In 1998, the first album called Godsmack was released and then on they were on a roll, in 2000: Awake, in 2003: Faceless, in 2006: IV and in 2010: The Oracle. They were also nominated for Grammy Awards for their exceptional work in 2001 “Vampires” for Best Rock Instrumental Performance, in 2003, “I Stand Alone” for Best Rock Song and Best Hard Rock Performance and in 2004, “Straight Out of Line” for Best Hard Performace. That says it all about them. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Rock Forever \m/

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