Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Concert which was mind blowing - Part 1

I heard some band is coming to Bangalore! I was excited about it, not because I knew the band but it was rock band and I have another chance to explore. This got me going again, I started listening to their music and also studying (means reading wiki most of time) about them. I was happy because they really put up a show wherever they go and all my friends were talking about it, which made me really excited. I heard a number of songs and there were these 3 songs I really loved

1. Number of the beast

2. Fear of the dark

3. Dance of death

Fact-O-File: These guys are a heavy metal band from Leyton in East London formed in 1975. In 2010, the band turned 35 years. Now can you beat that?
The band was formed by their bassist and songwriter Steve Harris ( I know you might have guessed right which band I am talking about, yes you are right! IRON MAIDEN \m/) Nicko McBrian on drums, Bruce Dickinson on vocals, Dave Murray on guitars, Adrian Smith on guitars and Janick Gers on guitars as well. Interestingly right three guitarists! Iron Maiden were ranked #24 in VH1 "100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock" and MTV ranked them #4 "Top 10 Greatest Heavy Metal Bands of All Time".

These guys have a masscot and its name is Eddie


Now I knew these guys are coming to Bangalore, most of time I spent learning about the bands so that I can get into the grove when it starts going. But then something struck me very hard! (What is it that struck me, that's what you might be thinking?)

I didn't have the tickets!! and the show was just three days away. Yes, I had the same thing in my mind what the hell to do. Then began a rampant search. I was searching for it all possible places. And at last, a friend of mine who worked in an ad agency came to my rescue. She had a ticket and wasn’t going for the concert. ‘Lucky me’, I said to myself.

With tickets in my hand, and two days left for the concert, I didn’t have any company from either college or office, I was shocked! I was thinking "I have to go all alone for the concert", but the next thought was "so what? I will go alone, what's the big deal".

To be continued... Next part is the most exciting one and you can say I was lucky again! So don't forget to read the next part!

Rock Forever \m/

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