Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Pop-ed to Rock

I am sitting with my customary cup of coffee, and as usual channel surfing and I hear 'I want it that way' playing on one of the music channels
The moment I hear that number from Back Street Boys, I am reminded of my introduction to the world of music, and that was when I was in 10th Grade. Yeah, among my obsession with music during that time, Boyzone, MLTR, BSB, were my frequent picks. But gradually, with time, these pop numbers didn’t give me the ‘kick’ which I used to get initially and that was when ‘Rock’ ( My heart beats louder even when I type the word Rock) started dominating my passion for music. So, I completely stopped listening to pop music, though this didn't mean that I stopped listening to desipop songs.( I did listen to the Hindi pop, but very selective ;) )

Call it obsession… Call it passion… call it whatever you want. But for me, music meant the world. And all I wanted was – to know more about this world, and thus began my study on Rock Music. I started discovering many bands and their music. So I started listening to the famous songs, but there was one band that instantly striked a chord with me. (PS: Any guesses? Try guessing before your eye balls move to the next paragraph)
I knew you wouldn’t take the mental effort of guessing, so wait for it at the answer.

So there was one band that I stuck on to. I discovered a lot of their songs, which were not the popular ones; I even tried my luck in getting the video of each and every song. But in those days, that was real tough. But I swear, once music gets into your veins, the passion doesn’t die, no matter what. So I still put in a lot of effort, discovered a lot of songs, got inspired by them, got to know them better, and had an undying, unforgiving passion. Now finally coming to that legendary band, that is still a milestone in a journey called music ‘ meTaLLiCa’ \m/. If you still haven’t heard this legendary Rock Band, you are ‘unforgiven’.

This is Unforgiven for you.

Metallica - Unforgiven II

Continuing with my journey into the world of Rock Music, the more I discovered, the more I felt, I knew a little less. And I got introduced to many Rock bands that are still inexistent for a few, for whom music is nothing but music. Among many such introductions, there’s one band that again is ‘special’ at least for me. I cannot explain you, why it is so special, well after all words fall short times, and this is one such moment for me, all I can say is that they are different. The very first Track I heard from Godsmack, I knew all that I wanted was to hear more of them. An unsatisfying thirst, yet felt quenched.

PS: ‘I stand alone’, is an amazing number from the band.
Fact-o-file: It was a OST from the movie Scorpion King and thus this band came into light. They have some more OST's but this Stand Alone OST was considered as one of the best there is!

Godsmack - I Stand Alone! Rock it ;)

Rock Forever \m/

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