Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It all started with THIS one

People remember their first love, their first fling and I am no different. I was in 10th grade then, and that was when I fell in love for the very first time. I felt a rush, when I heard. My heart was in sync with the beat. Yeah, I tasted what it was to fall in love; when I fell in love with Music.

Well, it is not that love that adolescent kids feel. But Love, all together at a different level.

I heard a song, fell in love, but didn’t decipher what the song was about and that made me search. I wanted to find out more about the song. A friend of mine happened to own the cassette of this song; I was euphoric, because the cassette also had a paper strip of lyrics of the songs. And I started singing ‘Summer of 69’, and loved each and every song in that album. And at that point of time, I thought this was the epitome of good music. And all the numbers by Bryan Adams, I was there listening to it with a fervor that people would when they think about their first love.

Bryan Adams - Summer of '69

But with time, your first love doesn’t just stay, sometimes you have reasons and sometimes you just don’t. And you look out for a change. So was I. And at a point of time, I wanted something, though unsure, down there, I knew I was searching. And that’s when a friend of my mine introduced me to a God like figure. The God of a different world – Metallica.

‘Nothing else matters’, when I heard that song from Metallica, true –Nothing else mattered. Eternally, I was in love again. Even today, I feel the very same intensity what I felt when I heard the first time. Anytime, Anywhere, Nothing else matters. ;). How true!

With time, I find new bands, yet still in sync with the old ones.
Fact-o-file: Nothing Else matters was written by their singer James Hetfield (rhythm Guitarist) and he wrote this song while on the phone with his girlfriend. The lyrics were dedicated to his girlfriend as well. So the line goes "so close, no matter how far" describing their bond! Intially, the song wasn't meant to be added in the album as Hetfield had written it for himself and not thinking about the whether it will go into the album, but only after drummer Lars Ulrich heard it and did considered for the record.

Metallica - Nothing Else Matters

Rock Forever \m/

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