Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My First Band - The Journey Begins!

My very first band, the band I related to, the band I followed and the band I loved is still what I relate to, follow and love. Times have changed, I have changed, but not what I think about them.

I heard a couple of songs of theirs; I sang along with it too, and never gave much thought of exploring what else they had. I didn’t even make an effort to know if they had introduced new albums. Which was this band, I am talking to you about, if that’s what you are thinking. Here’s a little tit-bit about them, that should help you guess it right.

These guys are into hard rock metal, they play mind blowing music, and the lyrics are a class apart. Millions of copies have been sold world-wide, be it their first or the last. They have been loved, respected, and they inspired many. Their songs make you think whatever they sing is just so right.

They have

Bass Guitar: Dave Mustyaine he was fired from the band in 1983, presently the Bass Guitarist is Robert Turjillo.

Lead Guitar: Kirk Hammett

Drums: Lars Ulrich

Lead singer & Rhythm guitar: James Hetfield

Now, if you are a rock lover, you sure would have guessed it right when I named the bass guitarist. Well, for those of you who still didn’t guess, it’s Metallica. Well that was just the beginning of following a religion called ‘Metal Rock’. I decided to plunge deeper and discover more songs, not because I was bored but because I wanted more.

I kept on discovering and there are two songs that are really close to my heart. Can you guess the next one?

The second one is called ONE

The two songs made me hungrier than ever. And even before I knew I had made a decision. A decision to listen to all sort of songs. I have loved many, disliked a few, but to describe in a word about Metallica. “Amazing”!

Long live Metallica,long live ROCK

Rock Forever \m/

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