Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Legendary

And here I was listening to modern rock.I never bothered to know the singer, the background details of the band or anything of that sort. Frankly, I did not care. If you ask “Why?” I thought ‘Who is going to bother about such stuff anyway, If you know the song, there’s nothing like it.That perception lingered with me for a very long time, until one day during a conversation with my friend. He asked me, “Who is the vocalist for Led Zeppelin?” and I casually said “I don’t know”. That was it, and my friends laughed at me, they said “What kind of fan are you?”, and even asked “Do you know what it means to be a fan?” And that day, I had learnt my lesson. I understood how important it is to keep rooted in the basics. Then on, I learnt everything about a band – The Past to the Present. I made it a point to keep myself updated. The more bands I discovered the more I learnt.

Led Zeppelin - Kashmir

Then came a moment, when I got to know of this legendary band called ‘Pink Floyd’. Now this band had an amazing catch in each and every song of theirs. If you ask “How?”, the answer is simple,their guitaring was so soothing that they earned themselves a recognition of belonging to ‘Psychedelic Rock’. You can listen to their songs any time of the day and I bet that. Here I present a small list of their many songs: Another Brick in the wall~~Sorrow~~Echoes~~ Hey You~~Comfortably Numb~~.

Pink Floyd - Comfortably

Fact-O-File: It was amazing to know that this is a band which was born in the late 1960's and evolved in the 1970's for their progressive rock. They had 2 lead singer's till 1985 it was Roger Waters and after that it has been David Gilmour. It a long story, to make it simple, Roger Waters left the band and the band is lead by Gilmour.

One of the best songs from Roger Waters - Amused to Death (live)

We have been lucky to witness and hear such wonderful music, and lets keep rocking and give our coming generation some legendary songs & music!

Rock Forever \m/

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