Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blessed by Gods

Exhilaration, the day before the concert. Yeah, finally ‘the day’ was just a few hours away. Days and months of anticipation were finally in its last few hours. What was something distant and futuristic would now be history, in a matter of few hours.

Weekends with a equal to sign lazy, in short weekends=lazy (for me, at least). But this weekend was full of energy. Saturday, May 15, was going to be redefining weekend for me.
There was four hours to go before the gates would be thrown open to the head bangers. And my friend and I were already on our way. As we neared the grounds, all I saw was hundreds and hundreds of people, and most with blue jeans, black ‘LOG’ T-shirts. What the differentiating factor was, probably the weird hair styles. A few looked as if they hadn’t shaved for years. My respects to these real followers of metal.

Like you have the appetizer before the main course, Indian bands were playing. Boomerrang, Bhoomi, Scribe, and Extinct Reflections. They entertained us with reasonably good music for about three to four hours. And then came the moment that each and every heart was looking forward to. Yeah. The Gods were next on the schedule. But there was still another good 45 minutes before we could hear the Gods. An Announcement “Go, Grab your food and alcohol because it’s gonna be a fiery one.”

And at 7.30, The Gods blessed us. As the Gods entered the stage. The roar was thunderous. Enchanting in tandem with the horns up “Lamb of God”, “Lamb of God”, “Lamb of God”, “Lamb of God”. It was dark at the center stage and the then the first string struck. It was mayhem with color background lights (you will see that in the video) head banging and mesh pits. People were going crazy! I can’t really explain how the atmosphere was. It should be experienced rather than told.

Laid to rest (Live) @ Bangalore – Lamb of God

To keep the up intensity the Randy Blythe played one song after another nonstop for the next one and hour. The crowd really went berserk when Randy said “This is called Laid to Rest” and asked us to sing along. After this song, he called Mahatma Gandhi – The Punk Rock Dude that made us laugh. He dedicated the next song “Contractor” to him.

Contractor – Lamb of God

What was surprising to me was that he didn’t play Omerta. I was in the misconception that he would say this is the last song and play Omerta, but that never happened. I was a little disappointed about it, but I was all the more happy to hear the two Grammy songs. So the disappointment never stayed long. After the concert the only thing running in my mind was, “I just saw Lamb of God (LIVE)”. It was only Lamb of God for the next one week. I could feel the music of the bass guitar, the drums and Randy singing. Long live Lamb of God, they just knocked us out of our senses. In short, was transported to heaven for a few hours. Yeah, and it was worth each and every second.

Vigil – Lamb of God

Rock Forever \m/

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