Friday, May 14, 2010

The Prelude To The Gods ;)

“Dude I am sure you will like all the songs what I have sent, but you surely gonna love Omerta, I know what you listen to and what you like”. And he was right! , I loved it, in fact I asked him to send me more songs of Lamb of God that’s when he sent me ‘Redneck’. That how I got to know LOG, a few years ago, exchanging my collection with a friend.

And today 20 times – “Omerta” and “Redneck”. The reason: I am all kicked about tomorrow’s concert. Yeah, LOG will be here in Bangalore.  I am super excited. I don’t think I can explain what I am going through just thinking about the concert. And tomorrow should never die. Because with my hands up in the air, head banging, I will transported to a different world together; where the soul syncs with the music becoming a different entity all together. Every thought is just about tomorrow for now.


A heavy metal band formed in 1994 in Richmond, Virginia. Since its formation, they have released 6 studio albums

Lamb of God:
A heavy metal band formed in 1994 in Richmond, Virginia. Since its formation, they have released 6 studio albums.

1. Burn the Priest (1999)
2. New American Gospel (2000)
3. As the Palaces Burn (2003)
4. Ashes of the Wake (2004)
5. Sacrament (2006)
6. Wrath (2009)

In 2007 Lamb of God was nominated for Best Metal Performance for “Redneck” but lost out to Slayer’s “Eyes of the Insane”


Lamb of God was an instrumental band called Burn the Priest, and included vocals after Randy Blythe joined the band. They were influential to another metal band called Pantera. They both belong to Southern United States another connection and another fact that they both are highly influential bands.

Current Members:
Randy Blythe – lead vocals (1995–present)
Mark Morton – lead guitar (1990, 1997–present)
Willie Adler – rhythm guitar (1998–present)
John Campbell – bass (1990–present)
Chris Adler – drums

Former Member:
Abe Spear – guitar (1990–1998)

Lamb of God will be on the 2010 Mayhem Festival on the Mayhem Festival Main Stage along with Korn, Rob Zombie, and Five Finger Death Punch. Other festival participants include: Atreyu, In This Moment, 3 Inches of Blood , Hatebreed, Chimaira, Shadows Fall, and Winds of Plague. Lamb of God has also been nominated for a Grammy in 2010 for the Best Metal Performance category, with "Set to Fail" but lost out to Judas Priest.

Set to Fail

More updated on Lamb of God after the concert, till then keep banging your head to the music

Rock Forever \m/

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  1. Lamb of God is to metal, what Sania Mirza is to Tennis.