Tuesday, May 4, 2010

DoWn aNd oUt!

Just when you think that you’re down and out
Don’t preconceive what I’m all about
Look for a reason that you have a start
Acting like a friend that you are not

And when you think we played it out
We come from the bottom and knock it out
Look for a reason that you have to start
Acting like a friend but you’re not, yeah!

These words were ringing in my head, not just because I had heard it 53 times in just three days (i-tunes gives you the exact number of times the song has been heard, so no exaggeration here). It’s because there is something about this song; you hear it once and you feel it’s just not enough. And the incredible music cannot be ignored. I sent this song to my friends, and even my boss. Their Reaction: “Mind Blowing”, “Super Music”, “Awesome Find”, “Out-of-the-world”, and people have described it in many other adjectives and superlatives.

Well, since music is something I believe is very subjective. So what do I like about this song?  If that’s the question you ask me, my answer would be: The lines give a great punch and that keeps me going. The singer’s groaning voice emphasizes the words perfectly and blends beautifully into the meaning. The violin matches perfectly. The music slows down where it should and picks up at the right time. Well that’s more than one reason why I can listen to the song any number of times.

Tantric – Down and Out


Formed in 1999 with Jesse Vest, Todd Whitener & Matt Taul (3 former members of Days of the New) and then with the addition of singer Hugo Ferreria they named their band as C-14 (a short name of Radiocarbon). Soon they changed to Tantric and were signed to Maverick Records that same year.

The band has changed from the time it formed and what it is today

Present Band Members:
Singer - Hugo Ferreira
Drums - Richie Monica
Guitarist - Joe Pessia
Bassist - Erik Leonhardt
Electric Violin - Marcus Ratzenboeck

Former members:
Guitarist - Todd Whitener
Bassist - Jesse Vest
Keys - Joey Stamper
Guitarist - Kevin McCreery
Drums - Matt Taul
Bassist -
Bruce LaFrance (after Jesse Vest)
Drums - Kevin Miller

The Present members came up with another master piece.

Tantric – Mourning

Rock Forever \m/

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