Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Theme Song

And when it starts…… my arm float, my mind wonders, I can’t feel my legs, I can’t feel the gravity, its totally numb and I know have reached my land of emptiness. It’s a land where I will create things what I want to see and things I want in life. If I get all of this; which I do of course it’s my life’s theme song. Since it depicts what I want and what I want to be and what I will be.

Listen to this and tell me what you feel when you here the beats which takes you apart. Listen to it carefully, very carefully, start imagining things which you like and which you want to be. Dream of a land where it’s all calm and quite, dream of place where its you and you are the one who is ruling how the music would be in that land

Kauan - Äidin Laulu

When the singer screethes the initial words, I get this feeling that I am being taken and the music just keeps me flowing like water

Another one of its kind of music, where you can feel blood flowing from your veins to your brains, where you feel the smallest heart beat; it also makes you as vulnerable as you won’t realize what you are doing.

Kauan - Valveuni

The above mentioned two songs have the effect of dope, without being stoned and you won’t even realize your very existence.

These have stuck to me like leaches, but the difference it doesn’t suck your blood but sucks your feelings and puts it in front of you to give you a perspective of life that you have never imagined before.

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Long live music, long live Kauan


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