Thursday, March 3, 2011

The World of Burzum

Slavery isn’t a thing of the past! Some say it’s sinful. But should we care? For, I am one. Yeah, Black Metal! Do I need to say more? Deadly and effective would be two words that I think are apt to describe the power of Black Metal. Burzum, Coldworld, Agalloch, Kauan, are some that I hear quite often. While there are more, for now, for this post, I will keep myself restricted to Burzum. It’s not just Black Metal, it’s Burzum.

This single man army began in 1991 in Norway. A convict, for the murder of Mayhem’s Guitarist and also burning churches, is how Burzum began. During early days, by 1993 he had released two albums. He was imprisoned from ’94 – ’09, everybody thought that was the end. But then his passion for music was so great that he recorded two more albums while serving his jail sentence during 1997 and 1999.

Varg Vikernes (yes that’s his name), released another album in 2010, his first studio production and another one is due in March 2011. Like an irremovable body armor, his music surrounds your soul. The guitar riffs, vocals and the double bass drumming is just hard to get off your mind.

Burzum – Dunkelheit

The music speaks in this!

Burzum – Jesus ‘Tod

One of the awesomest song you will ever hear, this just beats the hell of all the black metal songs, there is one comment in the video, which is  “THE most purest Black Metal song, the Dark anti Christian riffs send my heart into Darkness”, this clearly sends a message as to what it’s all about.

Burzum is live on myspace @

Listen to this and you will say to yourself, “I am ready to die.”



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