Sunday, May 4, 2014


Twisted Transistor? Ahh! There you go Korn! Yes, you are right. When they announced their Bangalore concert, it was the best ever surprise.  Here’s why! I believed this wouldn't happen, not even in my dreams.
So well, when I heard the news, there were no second thoughts but to grab the tickets. Well, I thought there would be only single price tickets just like the Metallica concert tickets two years ago.  But no, it wasn't. So I booked the tickets with the least price and hoped that it wouldn't be bad!

The K-day!

Accompanied by one of my best buddy, we went with nothing but just thoughts of witnessing the concert which we thought would never happen in India. As we drove towards the venue, the huge hoardings signaled that we were heading in the right direction. We reached but were still confused because we saw about a few hundred fans, but nothing close to what we imagined. To our disappointment because of the poor turnout was just for a few seconds, for we now knew that we could stand right at the front and witness the concert.
The concert began with an Indian band (isn’t that common). They were better than most other bands which played at the other concerts. But this kind of kills me. Since we were there to listen to some good stuff and already predetermined about the music, these guys didn’t suit my palate. So I decided to sleep for a while and asked my friend to wake me up when the Indian bands finished playing. Yeah, I actually did that.

Rise & Shine

When I woke up the few 100 fans had become 1000s but it was a little disappointing sight for the performers I am sure. It was 8 PM and we were eager to hear Korn. Each passing minute was kind of frustrating. Finally at 8:30 PM, the gust of lights on stage saw the crowds rushing to capture the first glimpse of the band. The strings plucked and the crowd went crazy, mad and whatever! Nobody wanted to wait, including me. That moment, something amazing happened. The barricades between the partitions were pulled down. It just felt like music has no boundaries. Everybody started to run, we too did. Finally managed to be just 10-12 rows behind the stage. So we were satisfied.

The Eargasm Begins!

The moment arrived. It made us sing along. They played the songs which we were waiting to hear –songs like “Another brick in the wall”, “Get Up”, “Shoot & Ladders” and other hits. The second best part was they sounded powerfully insane live. The drummer was impressive – throwing drum sticks to the sky (though he could not catch it) but nevertheless he didn’t miss a beat. He was intelligent to keep too many spare drumsticks.

The heaven opened up.  This bought the temperature down and that energized us. This is one of the concerts that will stay in my heart forever. Korn is a unique band that can mix and match music, experiment to give something new every time to its fans. I am not sure if they will visit us again (really wish they do), since the crowd size wasn't great. But what I really liked about the crowd was that they were genuine fans not the wannabe fans. Did I say, this concert experience is more than a year old? Yet fresh in my memory. Guess that makes my point about the “Korn.”

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